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Organization Charts and other Hierarchical Trees

《Organization Charts and other Hierarchical Trees》

The GoDiagram component makes it easy for C#, VB.NET, Silverlight, WPF and Java programmers to develop applications with OrgCharts and other tree structures, like the DataSetDemo on the right shows.

Hierarchies allow you to visualize the relationships between levels in a set of data. For example, an Org Chart shows the top down structure of a company or organization. Why use a simple TreeView Control when you can really display data as a visual tree?

Other domains that use Hierarchical Trees

Hierarchical trees are used to display

  • Breakdown of tasks in a Mind Map
  • Organization of a computer network
  • Family History and Genealogy Records
  • Evolutionary processes (phylogenetic trees)
  • Software Development and CASE tool information
  • Directory Structures
  • Decision trees / decision support (for operations research)
  • Game trees
  • Binary Search trees
  • Project Management: work breakdown structures
  • Linguistics (syntax) / Phrase structure trees
  • Hyperbolic trees

Types of trees

Trees can be represented as simple node-link diagrams, as shown in the GoDiagram component TreeApp sample application.

《Organization Charts and other Hierarchical Trees》

But diagrams can also use nested sets of objects that use enclosure/containment to show parenthood, as the GoDiagram SubGraphApp demonstrates.

GoDiagram also supports Collapsing and Expanding levels of the tree. This ability to hide complexity is critical to many diagram based visualizations.

Automatic Layout

《Organization Charts and other Hierarchical Trees》

Automatic Layout is critical to visualization. The three diagrams to the left all show the same data, but visualized with different automatic layouts provided by GoDiagram: Layered Digraph, Tree and Force Directed. Other layouts such as hyperbolic trees (hypertree) and radial trees are also possible.



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